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You’ll find our blog to be a wealth of information, covering everything from local market statistics and home values to community happenings. That’s because we care about the community and want to help you find your place in it. Please reach out if you have any questions at all. We’d love to talk with you!

Buyer's Looking For A Home Are Starting The New year Of 2018 With Great Choices Of Inventory For Coastal Southern California Cities Like Fallbrook CA, San Clemente CA, Laguna Beach CA, Carlsbad CA, and City To City Where Is The Best Bang For Your Buck, is the biggest question I am asked as a Buyer Only Agent| Realtor| Brokerage.

Price Per Square Foot, A custom Home Over 2000 Sqft With An Acre Lot or Larger, Possible Views and Only About Twelve Miles To The Beaches Oceanside | Fallbrook CA Fallbrook CA Real Estate By Far Is The Best Bang For The price per Sqft and Lot size still fairly close to the coastal beach areas in all Of Southern California.

Second least Expensive Coastal Close Area To Buy A Home In Southern California, is Oceanside CA. Oceanside CA Real Estate Starts around $475,000 For a Three bedroom Detached Home 1400sqft or larger. They will mostly be tract Style Homes, not custom and have average lot sizes 3000-6000sqft Lot Size. The best Areas of Oceanside Are South Side of The (76)  Rancho Del Oro area which also abates Vista CA and Carlsbad CA To the South/Southwest borders and Bonsall /Fallbrook To The East Northeast Borders. About 7 miles To The beach.

If you compare these couple area Fallbrook and Oceanside CA to Orange County CA Real Estate prices for same Sqft and Lot sizes, A Detached Home In San Clemente CA About 5 miles to beach 3 bedroom, 4500sqft lot size, will start at about $690,000. Average price about $800,000 and that will not have a view per say and be a tract home. Southwest San Clemente is mostly custom homes walking distance to the beach and a small beach cottage 2+1 bed/bath no view 1000 sqft or so will run you $1.2million start price built in 1950-1980 or so.

Laguna Beach CA Real Estate of Course starts about $1.5million for a smaller sqft custom home 3500-5700sqft lot size up the hill Temple Hills, Top of the World areas of Laguna Beach which you need a car to get to the beach from up there. Closer to Downtown Laguna beach upwards $2million up in price. However Laguna beach is only about 7 miles of coastal living as they say the California Riviera and a vacation destination with boutiques, find dining, art galleries and quaint feel. Gorgeous Coves and beaches. I would say Laguna Beach CA and La Jolla CA Real Estate which is in Northern San Diego County Have similar prices on Homes also the most beautiful Cove type beaches in All of Southern California.

I could go one and on city by city, with insight to each market in each city. As one of the few Realtors existing with a Buyer Only Real Estate Brokerage | Exclusive Buyers Agent , I cover a larger geographical swath when showing homes then traditional offices ( which work with both sides same time buyer/seller) since those type offices have part time service to each side, they usually do not cover as much area within one office of itself. So I show homes in many cities and stay abreast of market conditions and the details of each city to give information on the spot to save time for my home buyers | working on one side only full time service and loyalty to only home buyers | showing all listings on the market on and off MLS. Feel Free To Contact Me with your questions and Happy New Year To All.


May 7, 2018

Finding A Place To Buy In Encinitas CA

Finding A Place To Buy In Encinitas CA


So your thinking of finding a place to call home and buy in Encinitas CA? Great choice ! 

Encinitas most famous surf spot Swami’s is noted in the Beach Boys lyrics to Surfin USA and has some beautiful coastline along the six miles of Encinitas city limits.

Buying Encinitas real estate has a higher pricepoint West of the Five freeway. 

But the homes for sale above Vulcan Ave are cute custom homes and modern mansions combined with some duplex type income properties starting on an average of $1.2 million up in price.

Encinitas Real estate Listings inland of the Five freeway start around $700,000 for detached homes built in the 1970’s and 1980’s as well as real estate condo listings and townhomes starting in the $500’s. A Encinitas buyers only real estate agent like myself can show you all the Encinitas houses for sale on the MLS that match your criteria, since Encinitas is a beach city with realty choices for all types of home buying.

Downtown Encinitas is cute and quaint with great restaurants and yearly street fairs and a once a month hot rod and classic car gathering the third Thursday of each month.

Also home to historic La Paloma theatre. 

Moonlight Beach is another favorite beach with volley ball courts at the end of Encinitas Blvd.

Many lots in Encinitas are subdivided Avocado Groves from the 1940’s or so were many groves and still, you can walk down the street and pick fruit off trees. My favorite were Loquats ha ha !

Buyer’s Only Coastal Realty is available and the only buyer only Realtor office near Encinitas going back to 1978 with being a local resident of past and can show you the perfect choices of real estate to streamline your house hunting process. Search Encinitas homes for sale with 28 years experience at your side. Working only for the homebuyers interest.

Encinitas Real Estate Listings

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April 28, 2018

What Makes Fairbanks Ranch CA Ideal For Luxury Homebuyers

Fairbanks Ranch CA Is Part Of Rancho Santa Fe Also. Located In North County San Diego Minutes To The Beaches Of Del Mar And Solana Beach, Makes It An Ideal Location And Climate, With Very Nice Luxury Homes Throughout The Community.

Some Of The First Fairbanks Ranch Real Estate purchased in the 1920's by movie legend and idol Douglas Fairbanks. He and wife Mary Pickford owned over 3000 acres here, which they dubbed Rancho Zorro, from Fairbanks role in “The Mark of Zorro.” ... In 1977, Ray Watt laid eyes on the fabled “Rancho Zorro.” 

By 1977, famed developer Ray Watt set his sights on acquiring Rancho Zorro, which would entail assembling parcels from eight different land owners to develop what is known as Fairbanks Ranch.  Today, The median home price for Fairbanks Ranch real estate listings is 983% higher than the national average.

Fairbanks Ranch houses for sale average around two million dollars in price range.

There are two gated communities comprised of the area and fabulous golf courses also equestrian facilities nearby this 92091 zip code.

If your looking for larger square foot homes and pristine surroundings Fairbanks Ranch homes for sale are abundant and Buyer’s Only Coastal Realty Are Fairbanks Ranch Real Estate Agent, Who Are Buyers Only Agents,Realtor, NAEBA Members, Available To Show You Homes And Share More Information About The Area. You will find the perfect home and great amenities close to the beach and shopping with low renter ratios and higher owner occupancy ratios than most other cities in the region in Fairbanks Ranch CA

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April 25, 2018

Why Buy A Home In Fallbrook CA

Why Buy A Home In Fallbrook CA ?

Looking For Fallbrook homes for sale can be much more home for your money than other cities around Southern California. 

Many Fallbrook houses for sale are custom homes with larger acreage and views. You can find luxury homes with equestrian facilities or homes with avocado or citrus groves. 

Most Fallbrook real estate is actually on Septic and Propane and some properties have a well in this area. A friend and past client joked around how Fallbrook is so lush and green from all the Septic in the area ha ha! 

You can see all Fallbrook real estate listings on my website which updates every fifteen minutes from the MLS. My sites home search is a great way to get familiar with the available homes on the market and see prices that start around $450,000 on up.  Great location as close as twelve miles to the beach from the coastal foothills here in North County San Diego.

As  a Fallbrook real estate agent, actually Exvlusive Buyers Agent 28 years Realtor and NAEBA chartered member, makes me the only office exclusive to the home buyers side in all Fallbrook and nearby cities. As the Broker, Owner and local in the area, I am a rare broker to work directly with my buyers from the start to finish of the home buying process, as the owner of Buyer’s Only Coastal Realty. So take a look and see what you find in out quaint little town of Fallbrook and I am available for any questions to help with your real estate needs today!

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March 10, 2018

What You Should Know Before Buying A Condo Or Townhome

What You Should Know Before Buying A Condo Or Townhome

Condos Or Townhomes are growing in popularity and attracting families of all sizes.

Whether in San Diego Ca Real Estate Market Or Any State in USA, Condos and Townhomes can be an excellent choice for the right buyers. As a Buyer Only Realtor And Office Exclusive Buyers Agent, there are a few things that should considered I want to recommend, before purchasing a condo or townhome. Most buyers start with the condo itself. That may be a good place to begin but, before they buy, buyers should also consider other factors outside of the condo.


Some developers are building attached property that have a look and feel like single-family homes. These modern condos or townhomes have great rooms and open, flowing floor plans that look and feel like a single-family home rather than an apartment or condo or something with an attached wall like a townhome.

One of the major attractions of condos is the low maintenance. The community area is maintained by an association funded by the dues that homeowners pay into it.

That's why buyers' first consideration should be to explore the development and make sure they like the look and feel of the complex and surrounding community. There are codes and restrictions, often referred to as CC&Rs (convenants, codes, restrictions) that buyers will have to abide by once they purchase a condo. Buyers should ask to review them before making an offer to purchase a condo. During Escrow, there is a few day review period in most escrows to review CC&r’s and cancel escrow, if a unpleasing find in the review occurs. For example, no more than two dogs allowed ( you own three dogs) These regulations help ensure that the community maintains its general appearance and any necessary repairs of the external areas, conformity for all cohabitating in the complex.

Review the association's budget. It may be necessary to get the seller to provide this information because it may not be released to a non-owner who is only a potential buyer. If you find the Home Owners Association Is close to bankruptcy or has an upcoming assessment, keeping in mind there are no guarantees of future assessments, are considerations. However, in considering buying into a development, it's almost like going into business with the neighbors in the complex. It's important to make sure that the association is running properly and has enough of a reserve for necessary expenses and maintenance. The budget and CC&Rs will give an idea about how stable the association is and if increases in the homeowners' association dues are likely each year.

Find out how many owners in the development are delinquent on their dues. A condo complex that has a high level of delinquencies can cause problems for buyers when it comes time to get a loan or sell the condo. Some loans are not approved if delinquency rates are higher than 15 percent.

Review the minutes from the association's board meetings. They will reveal the day-to-day issues that occur each month and give an indication of how the development is run. For instance, lots of complaints and filings about noisy residents, loud parties, or dog droppings on the lawn reveal potential problems with neighbors. The minutes will also reveal if the development is engaged in any lawsuits. Most HOA’s end up with a lawsuit at some point in their existence.

Understand what your responsibilities are for the upkeep of the condo. Find out what the association takes care of and what the homeowners have to maintain. Look at the association's property management team and see how many times the association has changed management companies. Find out why. This will may reveal how responsive the association will be should residents need its assistance.

Ultimately, buyers need to ensure that when they purchase a condo they're not buying into any legal battles the association is in the middle of and that they will be able to live in their condo the way they want. Study the CC&Rs and do due diligence before buying. Once you sign off on the review period of CC& R’s during escrow and remove all contingencies, the deposit is not refundable. But anytime before your inspection due diligence period it is. Visit my website to contact me for more advice or to have me prepare a custom hime search to take you out and see some real estate if your purchasing in San Diego Or Orange County CA I Have Two Websites. 28 year Realtor experience available to you. Buyer’s Only Coastal Realty is A Chartered NAEBA Member verified buyers only agent and office.

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Feb. 19, 2018

Home Offer Presented To Seller By Listing Agents And How To Know If They Really Presented The Offer | Are The Listng Agents Obligated To Tell You If It Has Been Presented ?

Many Home Buyers Are In Question Of The Offer Submitted To Buy. If A home Offer Has Been Promptly Submitted To The Seller. Legally And Per The Board Of Realtors Rules They State Following ;    There has been a fluctuation of phone calls relating to the presentation of offers.  Selling Agents (Buyers Agent Who Showed The Home Wrote The Offer) are calling to inquire about what can be done to confirm that their offer has been presented ( By The Listing Agent Who Has The Sign On The Property And Repesents The Seller ). Does the Listing Agent have an obligation to prove that the offer was presented to their Seller?  The Code of Ethics does not require that the Listing Agent provide proof that the offer was presented.  Although the Code of Ethics doesn’t require the Listing Agent to provide proof  that the offer was presented, there is an obligation to present the offer to the Seller objectively and as quickly as possible.  This obligation is addressed in Article 1, Standard of Practices 6 and 7.


As A Buyer Only Broker ( Exclusive Buyers Agent ) NAEBA chartered member comes with that title, otherwise agents are just a “ Buyers Agent”. A Buyers Agent is Buyers Agent Fifty Percent Of The Time And Listing Agent Fifty Percent Of The Time = Dual Agent.

The Last Thing A Home Buyer Needs Is A Dual Agent In A Trying Situation Buying A Home. Not To Know Whose Side An Agent Is Working On And The Part Time Service / Loyalty That Comes With Dual Agency Is Not What Home Buyer Needs To Contend With Right?


Home Buyers Need The Assurance An Exclusive Buyers Agent Gives Them, Since An EBA Will Not Ever Work With Sellers Or Carry Listings In Their Office.  An EBA Speaks Louder Than Words In A Situation That Needs Full Time Attention And Tenacity In A Competative Market Condition, Which Spurs Incedents This Article Mentions. 


There Are deadlines on a Offer To Purchase as that is why we have contracts, to put a limit on response time back. If a Listing Agent stalls and does not honor the deadline, my 28 years of experience is, they are stalling for a higher offer due to come in, or trying to  “double end the commission”  with a buyer of their own therefore performing an action of Dual Agency, stalling and stalling overall on other offerors.


The Offer technichally expires after the deadline, but buyers need an aggressive representative in their side to tackle these hurdles. The Listing Agent could care less in a scenario like this if the offer expires, they have so many other offers coming in during a Sellers Market Condition especially ( where there are more buyers looking at homes than listing inventory for sale on the market).



So home buyers, protect yourself with a representative that does not list homes or work for sellers in any capacity, so you know whose side of the fence they will always be on. NAEBA members like myself are Realtors Who took it an extra step higher  believe in working for only one side of the real estate transaction full time. I can refer you if you need someone out of my service areas of Orange and San Diego Counties CA.  Buyer’s Only Coastal Realty is always here to answer your questions and offers a private home search updates every fifteen minutes on our website. Sign up or contact me via the website and hope you found this blog helpful. As An EBA I Cover Many Cities And Know The Markst Conditions In Each, To Make Your Home Buying Experience Streamlined And Complete When It Comes To Finding The Right Location And Navigating All The Hurdles And Challenges That Come Up In The Home Buying Process. When I Write An Offer To Purchase For My Clients I Obtain An Answer Whatever It Takes. Anything Less Is Unacceptable. So Home Buyers Beware Thought Was Important To Share This Insight.

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Feb. 2, 2018

Navigating your first home inspection When Buying Real Estate

Navigating your first home inspection can be a little intimidating. Whether A First Time Or Buying A Home Many Times, As A Buyer Only Realtor 28 Years And Office Dedicated Exclusive To Only Home Buyers, I share Some Tips And Home Inspection Advice Check out this article and learn about navigating your first home inspection." #RealEstateAdvice #Homewners

Good home inspectors are great allies when it comes to making one of the most important purchasing decisions of your life. It Is Important The Home Inspector Is A Member Of ASHI (American Society Of Home Inspectors ) Most first-time homeowners don't have a clue how to kick the tires on a house. Is the foundation strong? Does the roof leak? Is the rear deck up to code? How on Earth do you know if the wiring needs attention? Thankfully, home inspectors can tell you all this and more. Here are a few tips on how to navigate your first home inspection.

Buying Your First Home Or Even buying as a seasoned multi time home buyer is super exciting, but it can also be a little nerve-wracking. Making serious financial decisions and dealing with unfamiliar lingo can be overwhelming, not to mention all of the considerations about what kind of shape the house is in when it becomes yours. It's enough to send you screaming back to your rental property. It does not need to be a frustrating experience of the home buying process, but home inspection is the most critical part of buying any home, that and final loan approval. Finding a true buyer only Realtor office and Finding the home are part of this process also, but home inspection trumps all aforementioned.

Finding Your Inspector
The best way to find a good home inspector is to get a referral. You Should Obtain At Least Three Choices.  Many times, the exclusive buyers agent or lending officer has someone to recommend, but don't feel pressured to use this person. Ask around to trusted friends and family who have recently worked with an inspector. It usually helps to ask people in the same general area as the home you're considering, too. If you can't get the inside scoop, do some Internet sleuthing to find the right match. Go To ASHI website for their inspector members. Your state housing authority will typically have a list of certified inspectors on your area as well.

Ask Questions
Once you've found a candidate, you need to ask some questions. First, find out how much the inspection will cost and exactly what it covers. Many Inspectors will not go in the roof or check Fireplaces, Septic Systems and you need to ask the turnaround time to get your Inspection Report back. If you need some payment options, ask about this up front as well. Scheduling can make the difference between getting a house and losing it, so sooner than later is a good rule of thumb. Make sure you're able to coordinate a time that won't leave your purchase in jeopardy. And before you pull the trigger, get some references and make sure the inspector is certified to work in the residential sector.

Know Your Deal-breakers
You should be there with the inspector while he or she works, I as A Buyer Only Broker, attend all inspections, but it's best to stay out of the way and save your questions until after the work is done. Most Inspectors go over the “meat” of the Report at the end of the inspection, is a great time to ask questions as you receive your discovery of items which will be noted in your report. You'll get the broad strokes during the inspection, and a detailed report will follow. You should have a good idea going in how much you can afford in home repairs, so you aren't stuck in a tough spot when you find out the roof needs to be replaced. Or if Mold is detected, usually requires further cost for testing the areas and results coming back. Contact me for more on this issue if Mold Is Discovered can share stories and info with you. Set some parameters for the amount of money you're wiling to spend to fix the problem areas. In many scenarios buyer can ask Seller to pay for Health and Saftey oriented repairs during inspection period process on a form we use called Request For Repairs. Major repairs to wiring and plumbing are no fun and can get costly. The same goes for structural work. If you need a support beam installed or some minor bathroom plumbing replaced, it may be within your budget or even your DIY range. But if the entire house sags three feet downhill or if you have flooding problems in the basement, you might want to think twice before jumping into it. At that point would have also a Geologist do a Verbal Report as part of your insoections, another subject if you want to contact me can share insight on.

Buyer’s Only Coastal Realty show all homes in coastal Orange And San Diego cities also Temecula if I can be of help as a verified buyer only brokerage 28 year Realtor and chartered NAEBA ( National Association Of Exclusive Buyers Agents) Full Time Home Buyer Loyalty | Results | Service showing homes with an unbiased approach to the sellers interest since we carry no listings to assure buyers a conflict of interest dual agency free home buying experience. 


"Ten Important Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector." Hud.gov, 2010. http://www.hud.gov/offices/hsg/sfh/insp/inspfaq.cfm

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July 31, 2017

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Curious about local real estate? So are we! Every month we review trends in our real estate market and consider the number of homes on the market in each price tier, the amount of time particular homes have been listed for sale, specific neighborhood trends, the median price and square footage of each home sold and so much more. We’d love to invite you to do the same!

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