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Finding A Place To Buy In Encinitas CA

So your thinking of finding a place to call home and buy in Encinitas CA? Great choice ! 
Encinitas most famous surf spot Swami’s is noted in the Beach Boys lyrics to Surfin USA and has some beautiful coastline along the six miles of Encinitas city limits.
Buying Encinitas real estate has a higher pricepoint West of the Five freeway. 
But the homes for sale above Vulcan Ave are cute custom homes and modern mansions combined with some duplex type income properties starting on an average of $1.2 million up in price.
Encinitas Real estate Listings inland of the Five freeway start around $700,000 for detached homes built in the 1970’s and 1980’s as well as real estate condo listings and townhomes starting in the $500’s. A Encinitas buyers only real estate agent like myself can show you all the Encinitas houses for sale on the MLS that match your criteria, since Encinitas is a beach city with realty choices for all types of home buying.
Downtown Encinitas is cute and quaint with great restaurants and yearly street fairs and a once a month hot rod and classic car gathering the third Thursday of each month.
Also home to historic La Paloma theatre. 
Moonlight Beach is another favorite beach with volley ball courts at the end of Encinitas Blvd.
Many lots in Encinitas are subdivided Avocado Groves from the 1940’s or so were many groves and still, you can walk down the street and pick fruit off trees. My favorite were Loquats ha ha !
Buyer’s Only Coastal Realty is available and the only buyer only Realtor office near Encinitas going back to 1978 with being a local resident of past and can show you the perfect choices of real estate to streamline your house hunting process. Search Encinitas homes for sale with 28 years experience at your side. Working only for the homebuyers interest.
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