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Hiring a luxury realtor doesn't guarantee that you'll be able to bag a luxury home in one of the biggest cities in the world.
Luxury can mean different things to everyone. While some might limit luxury to high-end designer collectibles, others might be wooed by a simple yet stunning contemporary abode.

We break down the concept of luxury homes and the features that come together to make them worthwhile and high-end. Have a look!

Location, Location, and Location!

Sure, a mansion will always captivate passer-bys and pique their interest. However, buyers would always consider the location of a luxury home before making the first move!

A luxury home in an affluent neighborhood will always make for a good catch. Here's how. Such clean neighborhoods usually feature a low crime rate, high security, better amenities, and nearby attractions.
Homebuyers should always account for the property's location when considering buying a luxury home in their city.

Stunning Outdoor Views

Imagine if you could wake up and view the ocean every single day! Now that's what makes a truly luxury home!

Outdoor views like a waterfront, ocean view, vineyards, and mountains make for hot selling property. Such an outdoor space offers spectacular views to homeowners and is likely to have many potential buyers and a high resale value.

Finishes That Speak For Themselves

When you see spotless high-end finishes and exquisite ornaments adorning the hallways, you'll surely know you're looking at a luxury home listing.

Constellation-inspired chandeliers, premium quality marble climbing up the walls, hardwood floors adorning the floors, and artistic ceilings will have you calling up your buyers agent and finalizing the sale contract!

Well-designed Kitchens

A luxury kitchen combines exquisite elements that make it a piece of art!

The perfect blend of colors, lights, and materials ensure that potential buyers can't resist but pop on their apron and create culinary masterpieces in this luxury kitchen!

From featuring custom cabinets, excellent wood finish, marble tops and backsplashes, to featuring quality kitchen appliances from leading brands, a luxury kitchen is a fully functional masterpiece.

Luxury Qualities Of a High-Value Home

Think that's all to a luxury home? We're not done yet!
Luxury homes feature lavish interiors designed by some of the most renowned architects. Whether you're looking at a countryside, contemporary or French country house, the high-end finish and spacious floor plans are a common feature in every luxury home. Moreover, the home plan, security and innovative home features are things that justify its high value.

A mammoth of a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, an in-house cinema, a home bar, and a wine cellar are other optional features that luxury homebuyers might be interested in.

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